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At  Big Jon's CBD our mission is to help educate people about the benefits  of CBD for their health, anxiety, arthritis, PTSD, pain management and provide  the highest quality CBD available.

To  do this we make sure our team stays up to date on product, safety,  health and legal knowledge. This allows our customers the unique ability  to ask questions that matter, and receive quality answers. This is what  sets us apart from everyone else. As long as our doors are open, you  will never have to purchase a product from a unclean or unsafe  environment, you will never have questions about a product and be  ignored or lied to, you will never have to wonder whats inside the  product your about to take, and you will never feel anything less than  loved and valued, that's our promise to you.


Committed to Quality

You can feel confident in your decision to trust us with your CBD purchase to help with your pain, arthritis, anxiety and more.. All of our products go through a rigorous quality control and lab test. We only source the best CBD products on the market. Whether your looking for flower, vape, edibles, coffee, lotions, oil and more, we have you covered. 

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Understanding what CBD is and how it affects your body is crucial to making the correct purchase for your needs. Knowing where it comes from and whats in it is important for your safety. With Big Jon's CBD you will find information that will be educational, and able to be understood. With so many products flooding the market, we want to make sure you get all of the information you need.

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